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Do you impatiently wait for Wednesday’s paycheck, only to find that by the weekend you are counting the days for next Wednesday?

Budgeting can be the most basic and the most effective tool for managing your money, yet most Australians find themselves spending uncontrollably and losing complete power over their income.

Budgeting does not stop you from enjoying yourself.

It allows you to better take control of your money and in turn make improved financial decisions.

At H & C Financial Partners, we take the time to develop and implement an easy to follow budget to ensure that you can enjoy spending your money on whatever you want, whilst allowing you to put money away towards any future goals.

Should you wish to discuss your financial and lifestyle goals or if you are simply looking for further information and would like to learn more about how we could assist you. Please feel free to contact H & C Financial Partners on 03 9021 2089.

Nicholas Christou was extremely professional in his approach. He helped my wife and I create a budget to help wipe out our debts. I highly recommend Nicholas for anyone who is overwhelmed with debt and is considering planning for the future with finances and for super!!


Young Couple

Budgeting with a Young Family

Budgeting with a Young Family

If you’re thinking of expanding your family, be sure to keep on top of things financially. Having a family usually comes not just with extra expenses but also a drop in income as one or both of you take time off work. Raising children and growing your family can be...

Budgeting and Saving Tips

Budgeting and Saving Tips

Four ways to improve how you budget and save Budgeting guidelines Be realistic—Living to a budget is not a ‘crash diet,’ it’s a healthy balance where you shouldn’t deprive yourself or over-indulge in spending. Spend less than you earn—Live within your means and put...

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